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The Prologue is now live!

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What is Fable Mountain?

Fable Mountain is a story-driven NFT project featuring 5,000 hand-drawn avatars that revolve around a fantasy-adventure story. Our goal is to combine storytelling with the power of Web3 to create a truly unique fantasy franchise.

Initially, Fable Mountain will be published as a graphic novel one chapter at a time and will be accessible via wallet login on the Fable Mountain website.

As the story unfolds, our goal is to release new chapters in progressively more immersive and sophisticated storytelling formats.

Our vision is ambitious, but with your support, we believe that anything is possible. Join our journey and discover the magical world of Fable Mountain.

The Story

Magic is but a myth in the land of Baleron when Bearik Northwood, a fisherman, is tasked with gathering the broken shards of the Rainbow Skull, an ancient helmet of immense power. Opposed to him are the relentless forces of Saber, a tyrannical King, who wishes to use the Rainbow skull to exterminate the last of Baleron’s wizards and eradicate magic forever.

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The NFTs

The Fable Mountain collection consists of 5000 hopefuls of Baleron featuring hundreds of hand-drawn attributes. NFTs will provide their owners with exclusive access to all utilities created by the world of Fable Mountain including ownership of the franchise, future drops, limited edition publications, merchandise and much more.

The Starmap

We envision building an authentic fantasy franchise built from the ground up using NFTs and the support of our community. With time, our long term path will become clearer, for now this is what you can look forward to.

Website Launch
Genesis Mint
Release of new chapters
Weapon Mint
Cinematic Trailer
Helmet Mint
Fable Mountain Merch Drop
Wizard Mint
Limited Edition Print Volume 1

Meet the Team


Greg is the author and creative mercenary of Fable Mountain responsible for the story, artwork and design. When he isn’t drawing he’s writing and when he’s doing neither of those things he’s drawing.


Shish is in charge of product, marketing and community. A crypto PM by day with a serious case of the jpeg flu. In it for the tech.


Our dev Sunflawer transports the world of Fable Mountain on-chain. He adores sunshine and spends most of their time on the beach when afk.


NFGee brought the Fable Mountain team together and is making sure our project and finances stay on track. Catch him if you can!


As the newest member of the team, CeeJay assists with research, marketing and quality control. She’s got the team’s back whenever they need something!

Scroll of knowledge

An army of 5000 hopefuls of Fable Mountain will be set free on the blockchain. Each hopeful is a front-row ticket to participate in the creation and telling of the Fable Mountain story.
Yes, there will be a whitelist for this project and no other way to mint a hopeful. To get on the white list please join our Discord (link) and participate in the challenge leading up to the genesis mint.
Fable Mountain NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
The cost of the avatar will be ETH 0.1
Gas fees and gwei are transaction fees associated with Ethereum transactions and vary according to the congestion of the network. Please note that thanks to our whitelisting process and the 24h you will have to mint your NFT, you will be able to avoid "Gas wars" and mint when gas fees are low.
Hopefuls will be available on OpenSea and LooksRare, the top markets for trading Ethereum NFTs.
There are 5000 NFTs in our genesis collection and there will never be more hopefuls.
Join our Discord to be among the first to find out how to get whitelist access and purchase a hopeful.
  • Ownership - Owners of the genesis mint will own a piece of the Fable Mountain franchise and hold the key to unlock all future benefits.
  • Access - As the story unfolds, holders will gain exclusive access to the story of Fable Mountain before anyone else does.
  • Minting - Holders of the genesis mint will have exclusive access to all future pieces of the Fable Mountain collection.
  • Collection - Only the holders of all pieces of the collection will be able to unlock the full range of benefits provided by Fable Mountain.
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